Beijing Capital Airlines CO. LTD

公司地址  北京首都国际机场货运北路3号首都航空大厦

Address  Capital Airlines Building ,No3,North Cargo Road , Beijing Capital International Airport


















2010年 5月2日,北京首都航空有限公司成立

2013年 由国内国际商务、旅游包机变更为“国内(含港澳台)、国际航空客货运输业务”

2014年 开通首条国际航线,开启国际化征程

2015年 首架空客A330宽体客机顺利抵达首都国际机场,并开通首条跨洲际航线

2016年 北京首都航空正式收到国际航协颁发的IOSA(运行安全审计)认证证书

2017年 荣获民航局颁发的“飞行安全一星奖”与首都机场集团签署进驻北京新机场运营合作协议,将进驻北京新机场运营

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英文名称:Beijing Capital Airlines
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Beijing Capital Airlines Co., LTD.

I. Company Introduction

Beijing Capital Airlines (previously known as DeerJet), was established in 2010 through the strategic partnership between Beijing Municipal Government and HNA Group, a Global Fortune 500 company. On the basis of safety and stable operations, Beijing Capital Airlines maintains a healthy and rapid development through steady expansion of fleet size and improvement on operations and management quality to exceed RMB 10 billion (approximately $1.5 billion) in both annual revenue and brand value.

As of May 2018, Beijing Capital Airlines is the youngest airlines in China and one of the biggest Airbus aircraftoperator in the world with 78 aircraft. The company is headquartered in Beijing Capital International Airport with branch office in Sanya and overnight operation bases in Beijing, Haikou, Sanya, Hangzhou, Xian, Lijiang, Qingdao, Nanjing and Chongqing. The international route network extends to Europe, North America, Oceania, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia to accommodate more than 15 million inbound and outbound passengers annually. We are committed to providing passengers with high-quality air travel services. In the future, we will continue to exceed expectations by bringing more comfortable and safe passenger experience to all.

In July 2017, Beijing Capital Airlines opened its first non-stop route between China and Portugal. As an important air channel for the “One Belt, One Road” policy, Beijing – Lisbon route received utmost support and consent from the national leaders such as Li Keqiang, Prime Minister of China and Antonio Costa, Prime Minister of Portugal.

Beijing Capital Airlines adheres to the concept of “safety is the lifeline” and has accumulated 1.25 million hours of safe flight to win the “One-Star Flight Safety Award” issued by the Civil Aviation Administration. In 2015, International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved Beijing Capital Airlines as an official member of the organization. AirlineRatingsupgraded the company’s ratings from five-star to seven-star.

In October 2019, Beijing Capital Airlines will move the current operation base to newly built airport in Beijing as a part of strategic business plan,meeting the international market demand as a full-service aviation brand with world-leading standards around distinctive Chinese characteristics.

Under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping and Chinese socialism, Beijing Capital Airlines pays great attention to the values such as social responsibilityand historical mission. At the moment, we are complying with China’s “One Belt, One Road” policy by actively participating in the strategic construction of the "Four Cores", promoting the coordinated economic development between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei in effort to create new opportunities and build a prosperous society.

II. Development History:

2010年 Beijing Capital Airlines Co., LTD. established on May 2nd.

2013年 Domestic and international commercial and passenger charter flight business transformed to domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and international passenger and freight air transportation business.

2014年  First international route opened.

2015年 Airbus A330 wide-body aircraft successfully made its return flight to the Beijing Capital International Airport, marking its first intercontinental flight.

2016年  Recognized with the IOSA (Operational Safety Audit) Certification from IATA.

2017年 Won the “One-Star Flight Safety Award” issued by the Civil Aviation Administration.Signed a cooperation agreement with Beijing Capital International Airport to transfer its base to the newly built Beijing Airport.

Company Name: Beijing Capital Airlines
Address: Capital Airlines building, NO.3, North Cargo Road, Beijing Capital InternationalAirport, Shunyi District, Beijing P.R. China
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